FREE SHIPPING on your whole order if final weight is > 2.5 kg (5.51 lb) - Click here for details.

Shipping, payment

Updates, August, 2020


We are making all of our shipments through DHL  DHL. They deliver to all countries.

We're glad to announce that transit restrictions have been lifted in our city, Lima. Most of our usual products are available for purchase again and more will be added as things go back to normal in the rest of the country.


~ Free shipping to most destinies for orders ≥ 2.5 or 3 kg (5.5 - 6.6 lb).


Peruvian Postal Service: They started working but only at 5% capacity so, it will still take some more weeks until we can use them again.



  • Our email is
  • If you need help with your order please write to us and we will be happy to handle it directly.
  • Business days: Monday to Friday.
  • We will answer all your messages, please allow us 24 hours.
  • If you wish to purchase a large order and want a customize invoice, we can do that, just send as an email with the list of items you need and we will send you a quote.


  • We will ship your order with DHL within 2 business days of cleared payment to your Paypal registered address. Please make sure this is updated.
  • Our shipping fees are based on zones and depend only on the final weight and/or volume of your order and your country. You can find your zone HERE and then, the corresponding fees HERE
  • If your country is not listed, contact us.
  • We will use DHL and their fees depend on your location and the weight/volume of your order.They usually take 2 to 4 days. Then, once the package gets to your country, it has to go through customs inspection before being delivered. The time this process takes varies from one country to another so I would suggest you: Contact your local DHL, in advance, for exact dates and additional requirements.


  • All prices are in USD
  • We prefer Paypal, however, if you wish to use a different payment method (Bank transfer, Western Union, Xoom, Payoneer or another), let us know and we will send you our bank details or any other information you need.
  • Peru Miski SAC doesn't charge any taxes or adds hidden fees to your invoice. You could be charged import duties and/or sales taxes in your country but, this depends on your country's laws, you can find this out with your local authorities.


  • Please use THIS FORM or email us directly at